Thursday, March 15, 2007

Selldorf Architects

Another one of my favourite architecture firms who create stunning interiors is Selldorf Architects based in New York. I love the careful restraint and placement of furniture, art, lighting and accessories. Everything is clean and simple, but at the same time luxurious.

Their interiors incorporate their clients everyday life and are extremely functional, though you would hardly notice. Every object is given breathing space, so that their forms stand out and yet integrate perfectly with other pieces in the room. I really admire the choice of chandelier (right) placed above the red sculptures below (both of which hint at coral) in room painted a lovely shade of chinoiserie green. The chairs provide an amazing framework by not being to heavy but adding simple clear lines.

In this room (left), rich reds and golds are used sparingly to bring warmth without erasing the liberating sense of space and light.

I love the choice of placing these gorgeous green subway tiles (right) next to the large grey granite tiles. This a really interesting play of lines, textures and colours.

"In an ideal house the sequence of space, private and communal, has an emotional logic that dovetails precisely with the needs and habits of its occupants"

Annabelle Selldorf