Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Henri Quinta

Quinta Fran
ce S.A. is a family run furniture company based near Perpignan. It has been hand-crafting one of a kind pieces for almost one hundred years.

Henri Quinta, the current manager,
has designed a really interesting furniture line called Campagne Première, which puts a new spin on rustic country style.

The collection is made up of quirky individual pieces, that veer more toward Folk Art or Arts and Crafts movement than traditional country.

This furniture would be an obvious choice for a very funky cottage or perhaps a country home constructed from a refurbished barn or outbuilding.

I could also see many of them integrating really well with an urban eclectic interior, as many of these pieces could easily stand alone and make a statement.

This chair, for example, looks quite rustic with its distressed finish, but it still has strong contemporary lines that give it a flexibility within different interior styles.

There is also a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from.

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