Friday, March 16, 2007

Arcade Avec

Arcade Avec is an incredible group of artists and designers based in Bolzano, Italy who collectively make furniture and accessories for the home.

These beautiful amber vases caught my eye as they glowed on their respective display shelves. They were created by Ivan Baj and are hand blown, hand engraved and each one is signed from a limited edition.

Paulo Haubert designed these beautiful hand woven textiles. The basket (left) is 100% wool and the pillows and throws (below) are 100% silk. I like how Paulo combines rich materials and rough knit.

The texture is raw, but it is also soft and luxurious. These accessories would be perfect in a minimalist setting to provide an earthy comfort and balance sharp clean edges.

He also designed these black and white throws throws (left), which are made from hand knitted merino wool.

This chaise, chair and ottoman were designed by Kazuhiko Tomitaya. They are constructed from a yamathar core on a metal frame.


My Marrakech said...

This looks like an amazing resource!

PS I am linking you:-)

Mark Cutler said...

Nice post! I love the wall baskets! There are some great baskets available through the Southern part of the US, that are wonderful, rustic collector pieces, I think theese are even more special. Thanks for the tip

Monica said...

I just love chairs & ottoman. They look so cosyyy and comfortable...