Friday, October 16, 2009


Dear new owners of a mid century home, here is an exciting idea for your bathrooms, kitchens, foyer and entrance... Fabulous abstract modern mosaics!

Oh yes, you say, that's an amazing idea! Imagine what we can do with choice of colour and design. Forget paying a fortune to Bizazza or Sicis, let's create something all on our own that will give our home its own unique feature and echo its modernist past.

These fantastic tile mosaics were designed by Paulo Werneck (Brazil) and Vancouver's own BC Binning.

I would love to see something similar across the wall of a large shower or bath enclosure. They would also work well as a kitchen backsplash or entrance feature.

The use of these mosaics would depend on the individual house and what original or expected interior choices would be made to coexist with them. (e.g., colour, texture and lighting) The possibilities are limitless in terms of what you can do. I would even be tempted to break from the traditional modernist mold and create something abstract that reflects something of the new owners personal taste or history.