Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Design ideas for your recently purchased mid century home...

This mid century gem just sold in the British Properties and I immediately daydreamed about updating the interiors for its new owners.

I think the first practical investment would have to go towards a new geothermal heating system. I know, I know, so expensive; but how will you enjoy all those expansive windows without monstrous heating bills and ravaging the environment? Trust me it will be a lot cheaper than replacing all of the windows with custom made wood framed double paned replicas.

The green shag will have to go... Almost everything else will stay!

Replace that nasty wall to wall with some fir, oak or cherry (FSC approved of course!) trying to work with the orange toned wood on the walls and stairs. I would also choose small plank or parquet to match the era.

Next? Curtain fabric. I would make a choice of fabric once the owners and I had decided what furniture and artwork would be placed in these two rooms. If the furniture is very minimal and neutral in colour, I would probably choose a retro print or Scandinavian inspired fabric. If the furniture and decor was eclectic, I would choose a neutral toned fabric for the curtains. Given that Vancouver is situated in a rain forest, most of my interior decisions work around keeping things light and expansive.

More ideas to come...