Sunday, February 25, 2007


Belgian architect and designer Karel Vandenhende has created an apartment that is completely interactive. He calls his system maxFUS (free undefined space).

Walls , which are also storage cupboards, can be moved around to completely alter your living area. Chairs, tables and beds are all on castors. Nothing is fixed.

He has also designed furniture that can flip and fit into different functions. For example, a desk could turn into a dining table, desk or chair.

In a world where we are increasingly defined by what we purchase, where we seem to all march to the same marketing drum, I am increasingly interested in the idea that we can interact with these products and the environment that we place them in. That they don't define us, but we define them.

Perhaps even more importantly, is that with this type of design, they could last and not become a part of an endless cycle of the desire for new. Smaller objects could come and go, but the overall structure would be lasting; as it could change with your tastes, needs and whims over time.

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