Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dream House

My favourite residential architect is Tom Kundig. I find his ability to combine raw, industrial elements into elegant residential structures simply breathtaking. These houses are not ethereal, pristine and glossy works of glass and steel, where residences feel like museums; they are buildings grounded in the earthy mechanics of everday.

For example:

Concrete walls expose the lines of wood forms.

A modern stainless steel kitchen will have doors that swing open on large metal wheels.

Fireplaces look as if they were salvaged from turn of the century factories.

Quirky domestic elements are added so that you could not help but feel at home. Everything can be touched, opened and closed.

The overall design combines the interior and exterior seemlessly, as if these houses were always meant to be there.

Incredibly elegant design that ties itself to the earth and landscape...

with a good sense of humour. ("You'll have lots of time to rest when you're six feet under")


keane166 said...

Anya, I hadn't realized you wrote so's a tremendous blog, as edifying as it is pleasing to the eye......great luck

david and michelle

My Marrakech said...

Oh that first picture. gasp!!!

raja said...

Wow! super! wonderful! I loved ur Interior Decoration of houses..

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